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Success Stories

What our customers are saying about NHA Joints and Inflammation Formulary:

It really is helping my back and joints, so I'm really happy with them. That's why I've just bought another bottle.

John Allen

They really work! They took the pain away. I has been a long time since I could walk without pain.

Dr. George Duncan

They work great! They really took the pain away from my back, legs and knees. I can go up and down stairs with no problem.

Sam Purses

For the past two years, I have experienced severe knee pain. After about two weeks of taking NHA Joints and Inflammation, the pain has been virtually eliminated. I strongly recommend these to anyone suffering joint pain.

Chris Kousagan

NHA Joints and Inflammation definitely helps me.

James Rubin

I was able to bowl, with no pain for the first time in two and a half years.

Norm Esber

It has help me immensely, not only in my knees, but in my shoulders. Also the swelling is out of my hands and I contribute it to the Joints and Inflammation capsules.

Don Jones

For weeks, I experience severe pain in my left knee. During an office examination, Dr. Ferguson recommended treatment that included the joint and inflammation capsule. By following Dr. Ferguson's instructions, the pain was greatly reduced within a few days. I would recommend NHA Formulary's Joint and Inflammation Capsules for quick relief of pain.

Tom Valentine

I've never felt so good at my age.

Connie Lanzo

What our customers are saying about NHA Formulary Multiple Vitamins:

They are the best vitamins I've ever taken and the most helpful.

Mary Donna Rubin

I haven't felt this good in years.

Georgia Daverio

I can truthfully say the multiple vitamin supplement has regained my energy tremendously. Thank you Dr. Ferguson and staff for recommending them to me.

Margie Franta

I feel better and have more energy.

Vic Ferguson

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